My childhood was full of imagination and curiosity.

My family didn't own a camera, but the first one I held and operated mesmerized me.

I managed to borrow one from a neighbour, who kindly lent it to me unconditionally.

I took it everywhere; I even earned money from it by photographing people who didn't have a camera of their own, and selling printed copies of my pictures.

This passion led me to study photography at Nottingham Trent University, where I enhanced my technical skills.

I'm as adept with portraits of adults as I am with spontaneous action shoots of children. I focus particularly on making use of different natural lights, which affect the visual texture of skin, expressions and background.

With judgement and diligence, these lighting techniques can bring out a client's relaxed, natural character.

I have many years of experience taking photographs of jewellery, and these skills can serve businesses that need photographs of small products. Beyond this speciality, other businesses such as estate agencies can make good use of my abilities.

Feel Free to say hi to discuss your requirements, with no obligations.

Email:    Mob: 07990603358

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